Natsume Inc. demos Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories at E3 2015

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Gamers, creators and everyone in between got a chance to experience Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories during a demo at the E3 conference today. The sequel was announced at the beginning of this month on Twitter, but E3 gave fans a chance to see and test out the game for themselves.

Much like Harvest image2Moimage1on, Seeds of Memories will still have fishing, mining and animals just like the original. However, the second game starts with a Farm that is unfinished, leaving players to fill in the gaps. By dragging or tapping, you can move your character or interact with other characters to build up the surrounding environment.

Natsume Inc. plans to release Seeds of Memories first on iOS devices, then WiiU, Stream and Android for the 2015 holiday season.



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