Harry Styles FanFic ‘After’ gets a screenwriter

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The fan fiction about 1D is about to go from computer screens to the big screens. ‘After’ started as fan fiction written on Wattpad and spread in popularity to attract publishers and producers alike. Writer, Anna Todd, confirmed the news on Twitter that Susan McMartin, writer and co-producer of MOM and former writer of Two and a Half Men, will take the 592 page book and turn it into a workable screenplay.

Todd told MTV she can only see the role of Tessa being played by Indiana Evans. Now the big question we will all be wondering… who will play the role of Hardin (Harry Styles)?

It’s hard to replicate a smolder like that. Photo by Tumblr.

It’s always hard to cast a character of a real life person, so it might be hard to find a Harry Styles stand-in. I wouldn’t be mad if they cast Kit Harington from Game of Thrones. But it could just be because Jon Snow gives off the same bad boy vibe to me as Harry Styles.

Such smolder. Such hair. Photo by Tumblr.

While Todd waits for her movie to be cast, she keeps busy with other projects. In addition to a few top-secret publishing projects, Todd still writes on Wattpad to keep true to her original passion.

“I’m still going to write on Wattpad always,” Todd says. She also wrote a story for a charity called FREE2LUV to help spread awareness to teens about LGBT issues.

“I don’t want to just be that chick that wrote that 1D fan fic that one time.”

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